Healing The World One Soul At a Time

We live in some divisive times where pure intentions and unconditional love are still in small supply. Society’s issues of today easily overwhelm us, leaving us feeling powerless to do anything about the current state of affairs.
Luckily, at CBP, we believe that the best way to save every ecological, political, and socioeconomic world problem is to focus on healing the internal struggles of a single individual..from the inside out. Our objective is to provide as many products, services, information, practitioners, and one-on-one support to as many people on the globe as we can.
We don’t just believe in regular exercise, talk therapy sessions, and healthy diets. We also believe that proper healing addresses all dimensions of the mind, body, and soul. We call it the 3D/5D paradigm.
For example, if psychology helps heal the mind on a 3D, mental, physical level..then spiritual guidance from a spiritual teacher or mentor for deeper journey perspective helps the individual on a 5D, spiritual level.
That’s why at CBP, we provide products and services which address all dimensions of healing: mind, body, and soul and consolidate them all into place. Healed people foster healthier relationships, perform better at work and school, have more highly developed critical thinking faculties, and are more willing to demonstrate compassion.
Because a healed world unites. Love and Light.
Rebecca Shortman, Founder
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Homeopathic Teas

Our teas come in a variety of flavors for a variety of purposes. Check them out here.

Tarot Readings

General reading, will go as deep as you need me to go. Using tarot and clarifying oracle decks. Answer general questions about health, love, family, career, money, etc.


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